söndag, april 22, 2007

Playlist v.16

Animal Collective - Banshee beat (Zshare)
Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - As Long As The Sun Shines
Kate Bush - Running up that hill
Epic45 - Leaving
Modest Mouse - Spitting venom

Miracle Fortress - Poetaster
Pulseprogramming - Blooms Eventually (Zshare)
Kavinsky - Dead Cruiser
SJ Esau - The Wrong Order (Zshare)
Eluvium - Indoor Swimming At The Space Station

Johann Johannson - Ibm 1401 Processing Unit
Peel - Workers Wake Up!
The Shaky Hands - The Slepless (Zshare)
The Sea - If I Haven't Got It I Can't Work It
Avey Tare & Kria Brekken - Palneka