söndag, november 04, 2007

Playlist v.44

Muhr - An end to none but to all that is still
YACHT feat. Eats tapes - It's all the same price
A hawk and a hacksaw - God bless the ottoman empire
Burial - Etched headplate
Sigur rós - Hljolmalind

Mattias Alkberg BD - Jag ska bli en bättre vän
Smog - To be of use
Sonic Youth - The empty page
Don Lennon - The death of my imagination
Stina Nordenstam - The end of a love affair

To Rococo Rot - Enigma
Milky Globe - Magic Waves (with Aeroplane)
Morgan Geist - Self Init
Portastatic - When You Crashed
Lars Blek - Dagtid