söndag, februari 08, 2009

Playlist v. 6

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Studenter på flak
Lotus Plaza - Redoakway
Telepathe - So Fine
Junior Boys - Parallell Lines
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Lesley Gore On The T.A.M.I Show (Version)

Lotus Plaza - Different Mirrors
Okay - Good
Malajube - Ursuline
Odawas - Boy in The Yard
Grouper - False Horizon

Pan American - There Can Be No Thought of Finishing
Lotus Plaza - A Threaded Needle
Mountains - Map Table
Junior Boys - The Animator
The Mountain Goats - Cubs In Five


Anonymous Anonym said...

inte house of house alltså! vad är felet!!!

house of house>> http://www.needledrop.net/

9 februari 2009 00:08  

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